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File path: dist/twist/Core/Utilities/Curl.utility.php
Namespace: Twist\Core\Utilities
Extends: Base

deleteMake a DELETE request to the provided URL, set the User Agent header when required. The post data can either be an array of parameters or raw body data e.g. XML/JSON.
If Raw data is used you must specify a content type for the request.


Name Type Description
[$mxdRequestData = array()]mixedn/a
[$arrHeaders = array()]arrayn/a

Return Values

void — No return information has been documented for this function.


//Set the variables for the example
$strURL 'foo';
$mxdRequestData = array();
$arrHeaders = array();

//Call the function delete with the example vars
Twist::Curl() -> delete($strURL$mxdRequestData$arrHeaders);