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File path: dist/twist/Core/Controllers/BaseAJAX.controller.php
Namespace: Twist\Core\Controllers
Extends: Base

Type: Controller

BaseAJAX — An AJAX base controller that can be used instead of Base when adding AJAX support to your site. This controller should be used as an extension to a route controller class.

Example Usage

/** --------- Option 1 --------- */

//Register a dynamic route that will direct all function requests to the controller
Twist::Route() -> controller('/baseajax%','\Twist\Core\Controllers\BaseAJAX');

/** --------- Option 2 --------- */

//Or you can register a route to only direct the current request to a particular controller method
Twist::Route() -> get('/baseajax/_ajaxsucceed',array('\Twist\Core\Controllers\BaseAJAX','_ajaxSucceed'));

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