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File path: dist/twist/Core/Controllers/BaseUser.controller.php
Namespace: Twist\Core\Controllers
Extends: Base

verifyaccountAccount verification page allows the user to verify their account, when an account is registered (depending on the what settings have been enabled) as use might be require to verify there email address by entering the code received in the welcome email.
This will then confirm that the user has received the email and that the email address is valid.

Return Values

void — No return information has been documented for this function.


/** --------- Option 1 --------- */

//Register a dynamic route that will direct all function requests to the controller
Twist::Route() -> controller('/baseuser%','\Twist\Core\Controllers\BaseUser');

/** --------- Option 2 --------- */

//Or you can register a route to only direct the current request to a particular controller method
Twist::Route() -> get('/baseuser/verifyaccount',array('\Twist\Core\Controllers\BaseUser','verifyaccount'));