TwistPHP Documentation


File path: dist/twist/Core/Models/Database/Records.model.php
Namespace: Twist\Core\Models\Database

getGet an object of a database record with the ability to update and delete, pass in the
If the filter value contains a '%' it will be filtered as a LIKE, if the value contains an array it will be imploded and filtered as an IN otherwise filtering will be done as an EQUALS.


Name Type Description
[$strField = 'id']stringn/a
[$blReturnArray = false]booleann/a

Return Values

void — No return information has been documented for this function.


//Set the variables for the example
$mxdValue 'foo-123';
$strField 'id';
$blReturnArray false;

//Call the function get with the example vars
$resRecords = new \Twist\Core\Models\Database\Records();
$resRecords -> get($mxdValue$strField$blReturnArray);