TwistPHP Code Examples


Respond with a view

Create a template file called viewtest.tpl in your app/Views directory:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <p>A unique ID {data:uid}</p>
        <p>The date is {date:jS F Y}</p>
        <p>Your IP: {server:REMOTE_ADDR}</p>
        <p>Your user agent string: <input value="{escape[server:HTTP_USER_AGENT]}"></p>

To output the view to the user, add the following method to your controller:


    public function viewtest() {

         * ================================
         * Set up an array of the data that
         * you want to pass into your view
         * ================================
        $arrData = array(
            'title' => 'My test view',
            'uid' => uniqid()

         * ================================
         * Pass the array into the standard
         * view method and return it to the
         * user
         * ================================
        return $this -> _view'viewtest.tpl'$arrData );


After registering the controller, visiting the page /viewtest in your browser should now display the above template, populated with your data.