Get started with TwistPHP

Installing your framework couldn't be simpler

Manual Installation

Download a copy of the TwistPHP framework from the our website, you will find the latest version on our homepage.

Extract the archive and copy the contents of the /dist folder into the public_html directory of your website.

Your directory should now look like this:

  • public_html
    • twist
      • ...
    • .htaccess
    • index.php

Create the folder path app/Config in your public_html directory

Copy the file public_html/twist/Config/default.php into the public_html/app/Config directory and rename to config.php

Open the public_html/app/Config/config.php file in your favourite editor and edit accordingly

  • If you do not require a database uncomment 'TWIST_DATABASE_PROTOCOL' and set it to JSON. Twist::define('TWIST_DATABASE_PROTOCOL','json');
  • If you are using an MySQL database uncomment all options and ensure to set 'TWIST_DATABASE_NAME','TWIST_DATABASE_USERNAME' and 'TWIST_DATABASE_PASSWORD'

Edit your index file public_html/index.php


    /* ================================================================================
     * TwistPHP - Default index.php
     * --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     * Author:          Shadow Technologies Ltd.
     * Documentation:
     * ================================================================================


    require_once 'twist/framework.php';


In your web browser navigate to the root of your website and your framework will installation will be complete.