TwistPHP Releases

Version History

We are constantly improving and maintaining TwistPHP, you can find full online documentation and download links to each of the releases here. If you would like to contribute your ideas, updates and fixes to the project please visit us on our TwistPHP GitHub Repository.

Version/Date Notes Links
3.1.1 (Latest)
(A year ago)

A small list of essential tweaks and fixes:

  • Improvements to database auto increment detection
  • Optimise the database update model
  • Increased the range of Travis Tests
  • Exif orientation fix and alpha colour detection fix to Image utility
  • Bug fix to assets add and import functions
  • Improvements to the File download function inc. redirect support
(A year ago)

Implemented some important improvements and bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes throughout
  • Added a REST base controller with API key and Auth support
  • Added more TravisCI tests to increase coverage to 32%
  • Intergraded Vagrant for streamlined project development
  • Added watermark and copy functions to the image utility
  • Remove PCL Zip model in favour of native ZIPs
  • Improved user hashing algorithm (auto upgrade from old)
  • Improved email support and send via SMTP option
(3 years ago)

Small tweaks and fixes to bugs and many documentation improvements throughout.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes to the file/asset uploader
  • Documentation improvements throughout
  • Improvement to the random string generator
  • Bug fixes to the user data in the user model
  • User welcome/verification email improvements
  • Optimisations in the Database Records model
  • Tweak to the install/uninstall process
(3 years ago)

As of v3.0.4 (this release), TwistPHP is licensed with GNU GPLv3. Also a couple of small bug fixes and improvements have been made in this version.

  • Improvements to Twist Manager UI
  • Increased the test coverage to 18%
  • Updating licence from LGPL to GPL
  • Routes and debug restriction improvements
  • Fixed a couple double slash issues
(4 years ago)

Generally a bug fix release with some general code improvements and initial integration with Composer and Coveralls CI.

  • Updates to AMD module names
  • Fixes and improvements to the File/Asset uploader JS
  • Added coveralls support
  • Improvements to TravisCI integration
  • Added composer support
  • Added support for more database field types
  • Improvements to table structure creation and fixes to editing
  • Updates to the user registration process
  • Depreciation of Error::errorPage() in favour of Error:response()
  • Added Charset support with full list of all charsets
(4 years ago)

Version 3.0.2 adds improvements for some of TwistPHP's JavaScript resources when loaded through AMD. The AMD modules now follow the informal UMD guidelines (

The filenames of the resources have now been edited to remove any hyphens to better allow the modules to be required in as the filename matches the module name.

(4 years ago)
  • Update versioning to adhere to the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 standards (
  • Bug fix to allow root users to bypass maintenance mode
  • Bug fix broken POST URI's in base user controller and improve SEO
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements to the asset uploader
  • Fix capture and output PHP7 Throwable errors using Exception handler
  • Other general bug fixes throughout the framework
  • Updates to documentation
(4 years ago)

An exciting new MVC release of TwistPHP with loads of cool new features which coincides with the release of the all new TwistPHP website.

New Features in v3.0.0:

  • Full MVC architecture
  • Quick and memory-efficient
  • Expand-ability of core code
  • Object orientated approach including an all new Database utility

To see all the improvements check out

(5 years ago)
  • Performance optimisations to element handling in templates package
  • Fixed login URI handling between users and routes
  • Improvements and fixes to routes package including the use of baseURI
  • Fix bugs in the setup process
  • Fixed logout/login redirect loop
  • General documentation improvements
(5 years ago)
  • URI traversal functionality added
  • Added a meta library to beta handle meta data in routes
  • Updates to resources including the addition of Rummage JS Search tool
  • Added AJAX package to handle AJAX requests
  • Overhaul of the archive package
  • Fixed Last Login and IP address capture
  • All round improvements to Routes
  • Fixes to users and user password handling
(5 years ago)
  • Bug fixes to wildcard routing
  • Bash command package added to the framework
  • Improvements to general documentation
  • Added parameter capture into routing URI's
  • Support added for {count[data:my_array]} and {strlen[data:my_string]} template tags
  • Auto removal of invalid and expired cache files
  • Other general updates and bug fixes
(5 years ago)
  • Updates to code consistency throughout
  • Added some basic meta functionality to routing
  • Fixed removal of symlinks by the Files module
  • Setting to allow framework caching to be enabled/disabled
  • Improvements to setup process
  • Improvements to overall framework documentation
  • Added Redirect and Response functions to core of Twist
(5 years ago)

First open-source release of TwistPHP on GitHub, previously the framework was only available form